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  • Interviews

    So I know I said last time I was going to talk about 24 hour comic day, but I didn’t do it. Instead, I am going to talk about interviews, and conducting interviews.  My podcast has turned out to be a good mix of general comic talk with my co-host Noah, and interviews with other […]

  • Joining a Mastermind

    As sort of way to motivate myself I signed up for a mastermind.  I joined the Comixlaunch Mastermind.  I have been an activate member of the Comixlaunch group for a while.  I have taken both the Comixlaunch Pro, and the ListLaunch (more on this later). This group has been great for networking and funding my […]

  • Email Newsletter

    So I am reviving my email newsletter. I have a new design landing page: Sign Up Here! That will give you a free copy of a comic I wrote called RX-Tinction with art done by my pal and Constructing Comics co-host Noah Ray Going forward I need to figure out my schedule, think I might […]

  • Sitting down and Drawing

    So this week I really hoped to sit down and do a lot a drawing, and that didn’t really happen.  I did a daily piece of art for my instagram  So of these better than others, some original, some heavily photo referenced, but there was one each day. But what didn’t happen is I didn’t […]

  • Creating a Meet up Group

    So to continue my attempts to break into comics I started a meet up group called “DMV Indie Comics Creators” DMV Indie Comics Creators Meet up Group My hope is to bring folks together to talk about making comics.  But what would be great is if I can put together a group of people on […]

  • Submitting a Pitch

    So I went and did it I submitted a pitch.  Well two actually!  I submitted my comic Digital Forever, that I kickstarted about 2 years ago.  And I took a big chance and went to top indie publisher, Image! I updated my pitch document and cover letter and sent it off.  So according to Image’s […]

  • Writing for other People Properties…

    You down with writing other peoples properties?  Well you know me, and I will try just about any venue to get into comics, and I have tried this as well.   I had the chance to try to pitch to a fellow creators series.  And man did I go all out.  I had a 30 […]

  • Talent Searches

    So another avenue I am exploring trying to break into comics is Talent Searches. I have enter two so far. One for Top Cow and one for Mad Cave Studios. Did not get accepted to either, but I got feed back for Top Cow, they liked the direction I took. I used a supporting character […]

  • Review Copies

    Recently was able to book and interview with Anthony Cleveland creator of “Show’s End” coming out from Mad Cave Studios for my podcast “Constructing Comics”.  The interview was set up by Mad Caves’s publicists Chris Sanchez. I had the interview and did some follow ups, and thank everyone for being on.  I got a email […]

  • Learning/Creating While Doing

    I am always trying to learn things about writing, making comics, the comic industry and creativity.  One way to do this is listening to either a podcast or an audiobook.  A good podcast gets me through a lot of work days.  I found that I can be doing work, some part of my mind can […]

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