Author: mattkund

  • Learning/Creating While Doing

    I am always trying to learn things about writing, making comics, the comic industry and creativity.  One way to do this is listening to either a podcast or an audiobook.  A good podcast gets me through a lot of work days.  I found that I can be doing work, some part of my mind can […]

  • Drawing/Creating an Image Every Day of the Year.

    A while ago, I did a post about by daily habits, where I write every day. I just finished my comics writing for the day. I still have a goal for my novel (which again I am having a hard time hitting). But I wanted to work on my artistic skills as well.  I know […]

  • Project Management

    I enjoy making comics, it’s my passion, my side hustle, but some times it can feel like work. And that is when I have to bring my skills from the old day job in to making comics.  As the writer, I often feel like the project manager.  It starts with me.  I come up with […]

  • Review of Free Comic Book Day

    So recently had another key/cool moment in my comics make career.  I was able to table at Free Comic Book Day.  Which is the first Saturday of May every year.  I had a table with a few others from the Bmore into Comics crew, which I have been lucky enough to join up with the […]

  • Conventions and Networking

    So another way I am looking to networking and break into comics is attending cons.  I have been going to cons for a while since getting back into comics.  Baltimore Comic Con being the con I went to first. I am pretty lucky to have a bunch of cons near me; Baltimore, Awesome and Heroes […]

  • The Swipe File

    There is a saying there is only 7 different type of stories. The 7 story archetypes are: Overcoming the Monster. Rags to Riches. The Quest. Voyage and Return. Comedy. Tragedy. Rebirth. So how can we create something new, well if you believe this you can’t.  But you can put your on spin on it.  I […]

  • Trying to write a Novel

    I enjoy a good book, even those without pictures.  And I have wanted to try to write a novel.  I really got the bug when I started listening to the Self Publishing Podcast, which has now rebranded as the Story Studio Podcast (check it out)  give it a listen and check out their webpage I […]

  • Video

    So in addition to my podcast I have been experiment with video presentation.  And started a YouTube channel that is a visual component of my podcast “Constructing Comics”. I really want the unique aspect of my podcast to be page design and story telling.  And with comics be half a visual medium, I thought expanding […]

  • Pitching to Anthologies

    Another way I am hoping to break into comics, is through getting stories in anthologies.  My hope is to get more eyes on my work.  So I search and pitch to anthologies, and it’s been to mixed success. Like most thing when trying to break into comics, there is a lot of rejection.  It’s part […]

  • Podcasting

    So as another way to try to get into comics and to make contacts is podcasting. I co-host a podcast called “Constructing Comics” with my friend Noah Ray (the artist on our books RX-tiction, Life Cycle and Orryx, and Where 4RU (part of the “My Kingdom for a Panel Anthology -coming soon to Kickstarter in […]