Author: mattkund

  • Daily Habits

    Welcome back to the second post, where I try to chronicle my efforts to break into the comic industry. In this post, I’m going to talk about my daily writing habits.  Two major influences on me developing these daily writing habits are Steven Pressfield’s book the “War of Art” and Stephen King’s “On Writing.” Since reading […]

  • Trying to Break in

    So it’s been a while since I wrote on this site.  But I am back.  Every Friday I am going to make a post about my attempts to break into the comic book industry as a creator. I have been working at this for about 2ish years now.  Sometimes I feel like I should be […]

  • Inktober into NaNoWriMo

    As the calendar changes from October to November, I too am changing. I finished my last sketch for Inktober. I challenge to draw something in ink every day for all 31 days of October. I used the prompts provided at, and since I am big comics fan I did a lot of comics characters, […]

  • Orryx

    Here is a my Lovecrafted theme comic with art by Noah Ray. Orryx

  • Continuing Education for making comics

    Soon I will begin a class at Comics Experience – “intro into comics writing”. Pretty excited about this, really hope to improve my skills as a writer and get better at story telling. To prep in have been reading a comic of books. And for a sneak peek into the minds of a couple of […]

  • Great page design

    I was stuck by a couple of design elements in. Gideon Falls 4 by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino First the sound effect here. And the splash page here. The word balloons lead you down as the body and the buildings move the eye downwards The red squares focus your eye in on details the […]

  • Writing comics, by one of the greats, but this is difficult to make sense of.

    So to improve my craft, I have been buying and reading books on making/writing comics. One book I got was Alan Moore’s Writing for comics. The only problem I don’t know what I just read. It seems like the ramblings, of someone that really doesn’t care anymore. Well off to read the next book, or […]

  • Nothing

    So lately I have been in a Henry Rollins rabbit hole. I have been listening to his music, watching his videos, and listening to his podcasts. What started this was the awesome interview he did on the Dean Delray’s podcast “Let there be talk” This rabbit hole has challenged me to write different things. […]

  • A day of firsts!

    So I a had a day of firsts. First time tabling at a con! First time being part of a panel! And, my first sale at a con! I joined the great people at Bmore Into Comics for their show at The Windup space in Baltimore, Maryland. This was a really cool space where they […]

  • Recommend reading – God County by image comic 

    The trade of “God Country” came out recently. It was a cool take on dealing with family issues, by dropping in a magical sword!