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  • First Time Being a Guest on a Podcast!

    So I was on the Spoiler Country Podcast, as an interviewee.  That was a first, we have over sixty episodes of the Constructing Comics Podcast, and I have either been the interviewer or co-hosting.  This was the first time being on the spot and having to keep the conversation flowing.  I was pretty nervous, I […]

  • The Ups and Downs of Running a Kickstarter

    5 day’s ago I launched my 3rd Kickstarter for “The Reset” There is excitement of the launch and the joy of that notification you have a new backer. But there is also the dread and panic when it seems to stall out. I am going to be a little honest here in this post, I […]

  • Writing Dialogue

    My Comics Experience course on writing a one shot is nearly at it’s last session.  Our assignment is to add dialogue to our 20 page stories.  I have most of it done, but I few pages to go.  And I planing on doing a lot editing (another thing I need to improve on,  I love […]

  • Using Different Panels for Contrast

    Continuing my class with Comics Experience we had a more of an art focused session, as a writing course you might feel that this was a bit strange.  But it was two fold, one to allow us as writers a better understanding of the terms, so we can communicate what we hope to tell with […]

  • Subtext

    I tend to be a concept type of creator.  On that’s a cool idea, or concept I could make a comic about that.  But I have realized that I need to get better a character development.  I  am mid way through my Comics Experience class on “Writing the perfect one shot”. We are to write a […]

  • Hot Seats

    So I am 3 month’s into my 6 month Mastermind with the great folks at Comixlaunch.  And I have been on two hot seats. I am not normally a guy who likes to be in the spotlight.  I am kind of an introverted.  But these hot seats are forcing me to be in that spotlight. […]

  • Notes from the Editor

    So I submitted my script for an anthology project to the editors of the project.  And let’s just say it could have gone better. I made a huge mistake by sending not my most current draft, but an earlier version that didn’t have the story completely flushed out.  I had place holders for characters, like […]

  • Review of Ogres by Bob Salley and Shawn Daley

    I was lucky to be provide a review copy of “Ogres” by Bob Salley and Shawn Daley from Source Point Press. “Ogres” will be available for pre order starting September 1, with the issues 2 to 4 releasing in between October and December of 2019! “Ogres” is a continuation of the story from Ogre a three […]

  • Meeting other Creators

    So about a week ago I held my first Meet Up for “DMV Indie Comics Creators”. I was worried that I was going to be sitting all by myself.  But I wasn’t 4 people showed up!   We had a good talk, intros were made, and small talk was had.  But it was great we […]

  • Finding an Editor

    I like to create and write but editing not so much.  So I have been researching and reaching out to editors.  And I think I found one!  I am starting out slow with a pitch document edit.   I am in the process of writing that pitch. I have high hopes for this one, so […]