Pitching (or trying to.)

So over the last couple of months I have been workin a pitch. It’s nearly ready to go.  But one thing is holding me back, myself.

Dying Days Cover
The awesome inked cover by Bora Orcal for “Dying Days” the project we preparing for pitching

The art is done, the lettering is done an the coloring nearly done.  What is not done is the pitch document.  It’s nearly done, but I can’t seem to finish the version I send of the the editor for the last time.

I need to flush out the characters and give them their whys (I tend to be concept writer, and I know character development is something I need to get better at, and this is probably part of the reason I am not working on this part of the project) .  But no matter how many times I have put it on my big 3 things to do for the day I pushed it off.  Until Recently, I did a second version for my writing accountability group, with my Comixlaunch Mastermind lots of great input, but again her I am having to finished this pitch document.

I am so close to having this ready, I just need to do it or “eat the frog” a suggestion I got during my mastermind, so I re-downloaded the book and going to give it another listen.

Eat the Frog do that most import thing even if it’s not fun/exciting but it’s important

I hope to finish the pitch very soon, it would be a possible big step for me, and I want to developed a second pitch for the late summer time frame.

I need to eat the frog here in the next couple of days, send this pitch document off to the editor and then send this pitch off into the world.

Thanks for checking out the blog, I have not be posting as regularly as I had, that needs to change to, more frogs to eat.

Keep making comics, and doing those important thing around make comics we all need to do!

On Writing

So to continue my pulling tips from my favorite books on creativity I am going to look back on “On Writing” by Stephen King.  One of my favorites.  I have read most of Mr. King’s books (certainly those in the last 20 years), and I have gone back to some of the older classics.  I am really into the Dark Tower, I mean really into it.  I have read it all, reference books, and many podcast about it.  There was the movie but we aren’t going to talk about that.  I have high hopes for the Amazon show that is coming soon.  It looks like it will cover one of my favorite story lines.

on writing

But back to “On Writing” the first half is sort of an autobiography, telling the tales of Mr. King’s attempts to make it as a writer, his wife pulled “Carrie” out of the trash and convinced him to submitted it!

The second have is tips to write.  I really like the part about showing up each day to write.  And not having any distractions, still working on that (don’t pick up your phone don’t pick up your phone).

Mr. King is a master of character and dialogue, He often talks about putting to characters in a room and letting them talk.  I think that is a cool way to get atmosphere and have people talk like normal people (which they don’t always do in comics) and have the story develop.

I am trying to work on this as I tend to be a concept writer, but I am finding more and more (and notes I am getting on my scripts, back this up) I need to know why people are doing things in my stories, what do they want.  So I am hoping to blend a bit of this method with outlines.

Thanks for checking out the blog, back next week with more insights from a book on creativity

Go out make some stories!