Notes from the Editor

So I submitted my script for an anthology project to the editors of the project.  And let’s just say it could have gone better.

notes from the editor post image

I made a huge mistake by sending not my most current draft, but an earlier version that didn’t have the story completely flushed out.  I had place holders for characters, like “the guard” and not the name of the character.

The other many thing is I am a pretty sparse writer when it comes to panel description, it is a lot of person A and person B walk into this room.  Person A says….

And I have been pretty lucky, that the artist I have worked with do well with this sparse description.  I have develop a bit of shorthand with them.  I also hope this make them feel more involved with the creation of the comic.  Not what the editor was just too.  (I think)

The other thing was my format.  Which I have heard over and over that there is no universal format for comics.  Whenever I see a sample of a script I take bits and pieces of the format, and use it.  One that I like is Rick Remender’s scripts, and I have pulled a lot from that for my own.

Well that didn’t seem to fit with the formats the editors were used to.

So no real big deal, it was a bit of a shock, but I am going to rework it and fit it into the format they would want.   It’s a good, but difficult experience, and I am sure that it will not be the last time.  I will have to adjust to fit into the project.

Thanks for checking out the blog, I am hoping on getting back to my weekly schedule.

Go out and make comics, and they re-make those comics based on your notes from your editor.





Review of Ogres by Bob Salley and Shawn Daley

I was lucky to be provide a review copy of “Ogres” by Bob Salley and Shawn Daley from Source Point Press. “Ogres” will be available for pre order starting September 1, with the issues 2 to 4 releasing in between October and December of 2019!

“Ogres” is a continuation of the story from Ogre a three issue series by the same creative team.

Ogres 1 Cover

Ogres Issue 1 (of 4) builds on the world and the mythology surrounding it.  As the age of man is upon the world, things are changing. Man and Ogres are mixing and figure out their places in this new time.

Tugho (a ogre) befalls tragedy in his village.

ogres credits page

Cron, Meika and Tugho (a group of Ogres) set out and meet up with a mysterious man.  Action and adventure follows, with our 3 ogres in a tough spot at the end of issue 1!

Be sure to give it a look and order your copies!

Source Point Press has been making some really hot titles of late, and I am sure Ogres will be part of that line of great books.

ogres panel

Thanks for checking the blog and my review of this awesome looking comic!

Keep making comics everyone!

Meeting other Creators

So about a week ago I held my first Meet Up for “DMV Indie Comics Creators”. I was worried that I was going to be sitting all by myself.  But I wasn’t 4 people showed up!



We had a good talk, intros were made, and small talk was had.  But it was great we came up with a plan.  We set goals (achievable ones) and established checkin ins to support each other.

The next meeting is schedule, and I am looking forward to it.

It was a great time, and I made a contact that I am going to possible share some table space with Baltimore Comic Con,  so that great networking opportunity

Thanks for checking out the blog,  back next week with a review of my first class in the Advance Writing class!

Make Comics!

Finding an Editor

I like to create and write but editing not so much.  So I have been researching and reaching out to editors.  And I think I found one!  I am starting out slow with a pitch document edit.

blog post on editor


I am in the process of writing that pitch. I have high hopes for this one, so I need to take the next step of presenting it the best possible light.  The editor is going to give me two rounds of edits.

My hope is after the pitch goes out and fingers crossed I get some interest, I can bring an editor into the script to improve that as well.

I am hoping that an editor working on stuff for me, will allow me to focusing on creating and making other stories!

Thanks for checking out the blog, I will be back next week with a recap my first meet up group meeting for DMV Indie Comics Creators 

Stay Creative while on Vacation

So I really didn’t have a topic when I finished my last post.  So I just came up with a topic, stay creative while on vacation.beach-2179183_960_720

I was able to do so, thanks to my phone, tablet and laptop.  I hit all of my daily goals.  Travel days made it a bit difficult with all those hours in the car.  My trip to vacation I did my writing and drawing later than normal, and that art was a struggle.

The trip back I got up early before a workout, and wrote, but the art was still need to get done when I got home after a long day.  But I did it, not my best piece of art, but art (i guess).

The one issue I had was a bit on the business side.  I got a some good news, but didn’t have access to a printer.  I check if it could wait till I got back and it could, so that was good.  I guess I could have found a place with a printer and got it done if needed.

All and all it was good to get away and still work on my comics.

Thanks for checking out the blog.  I will be back next week with a post on looking for editing help.

Make Comics?


So I know I said last time I was going to talk about 24 hour comic day, but I didn’t do it.

Instead, I am going to talk about interviews, and conducting interviews.  My podcast has turned out to be a good mix of general comic talk with my co-host Noah, and interviews with other comics creators.


And interviews have been great for a number of reasons, it is great to connect with other liked minded people who like making stuff.  Often the people I am interviewing are kickstarting a project, so hopefully I can get some eyes (and ears) on their projects!  But also I learn process from the interviewees.

A lot of time Noah and I do the interviews together, but some time I am doing these interviews solo.  I have to admit these make me nervous.  Will I have enough to say? Will I be able to keep the interview on track? And for the most part they go well.

Case in point my interview with Clay Adams of Fried Comic  who comics creator, actor and voice actor.  Clay is running a kickstarter for PBOW check it out! But in addition to  the kickstarter we talked a lot of process, networking and other skills (acting/improve) that could help your writing or creating in general.

I feel like this was one of the better interviews on the podcast, it helps Clay is a pro on the mic.

If you want to check it out please do

Constructing Comics Ep 45

Thanks for checking out the blog, back next week, not sure of my topic yet.

Go out and make stuff!


Joining a Mastermind

As sort of way to motivate myself I signed up for a mastermind.  I joined the Comixlaunch Mastermind.  I have been an activate member of the Comixlaunch group for a while.  I have taken both the Comixlaunch Pro, and the ListLaunch (more on this later).

master mind post

This group has been great for networking and funding my previous two kickstarters, but what I need was to be pushed out of my comfort zone, and I need to get my motivation ramped up by being around others who were making cool comics.

It’s six months long and we have had our first online meeting.  It was great seeing familiar faces and new ones.  We shared wins (mine was cool, I have my first paying gig as a writer, small but it’s a first step) we did intro’s and set goals.  My goals is to hit the launch button on my kickstarter in 90 days, on my comic “The Reset”.  So I am working on the set up of the page and small things like images for the kickstarter page, and animations for our video.

I am both excited and nervous, that 30 (maybe 31) days of a kickstarter, is never racking. I would like do better and have a higher funding goal.

We shared resources, and did a “hot seat”.  This is where someone brings a topic and we break it apart.  I have to admit, I am not looking forward to my time in the hot seat.  I have an idea of what I want to cover, but still I don’t really like being the main focus of a group of people.

Oh well, part of pushing myself right.

I think if you can find a group of creators to help, and encourage each other it would be a great resources for any creator, and I think I have it here.

Thanks for checking out the blog.  I hope you find your group, to help you make comics!

Side note I am about to send my first email newsletter, I have been really dragging my feet on this, but this group pushed me to do it!

So back soon with a blog post on my attempted at 24 hour comic book day which I am going to try in a few days.


Email Newsletter

So I am reviving my email newsletter.

Email concept with hands typing laptop on the blackboard background.

I have a new design landing page:

Sign Up Here!

That will give you a free copy of a comic I wrote called RX-Tinction with art done by my pal and Constructing Comics co-host Noah Ray

Going forward I need to figure out my schedule, think I might go weekly, as I have more material to put in the newsletter, from this blog, to my podcast and the stuff I am putting online.

Please if interested- sign up, and I hope you enjoy the free comic!

Over and over I have been told about how important a newsletter is for eyes on your projects, so hopefully this works and I build more of a community around my work.

Thanks for checking the blog out again.

Make Comics!

Sitting down and Drawing

So this week I really hoped to sit down and do a lot a drawing, and that didn’t really happen.  I did a daily piece of art for my instagram 

So of these better than others, some original, some heavily photo referenced, but there was one each day.

But what didn’t happen is I didn’t plant my self in the seat in front of my drawing table. Nice Bristol Boards in position, scripts set next to them and pencils and pens ready to go! But I didn’t do it.

My blog post go up on Fridays, so late Thursday night I did this (I wanted to have at least something) -page on panel one of a mini comic I want to do, it’s kind of humor comic, about 6 pages.  I would be great to have to hand out a Small Press Expo (SPX) which has that DYI make comics vibe to it.

So here is what I did

Sitting down and drawing post art

It’s one panel, but it’s a start.  One panel a day?  That would be good.  I write every day, why can’t I do a panel everyday.  Part of it is I am never really happy with what I draw.  I see finished work by pros, like Sean Gordon Murphy and Jim Lee, and then there is my stuff.  The images in my head, my hand can’t produce.

I need to keep going, my writing has gotten easier, so maybe the same dedication to drawing after some time I can see some improvement.

Well thanks for checking out the blog.

Back next week with some thoughts and take aways from joining a mastermind.

Thanks again

Keep making Comics!

Creating a Meet up Group

So to continue my attempts to break into comics I started a meet up group called “DMV Indie Comics Creators”

DC Indie Comic Creators-4

DMV Indie Comics Creators Meet up Group

My hope is to bring folks together to talk about making comics.  But what would be great is if I can put together a group of people on teams and make an anthology, with people from this group.

I would have another product and gain a skill as an editor/manager. I have an idea for an anthology I have been holding on to for a while.  But I need to gage the thoughts of the folks in the group.  They might not like the idea or have different interest.  That’s cool I would learn how to adapted (another needs skill).

I have schedule my first meeting, and have about a month and a half to plan.  I am not going to lie, kind of worried, I might be sitting there alone on that first meet up.  Hopefully not, I have made some pretty solid friendships with other creators, and if they are free, I am sure they will show up (fingers crossed).

Thanks for checking out the blog.

Back next week, with sitting down the drawing table, something I need to do more of, but don’t (I think it’s mostly my frustration with my art, oh inner critic).

Keep making comics.