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  • Save the Cat

    Started the book “Save the Cat” by Blake Synder, I have heard a lot about this book. I am excited to read it. While it’s a book about screen writing, I am hoping that I can use it in my graphic novel writing. 

  • Steal like an Artist

    I have about 10 to 20 pages left in Austin Kleon’s books “Steal Like an Artist”. I have really enjoyed and ordered his other book “Show Your Work”. The book has really motived me. 

  • Hoping to make a web comic

    I have been working to try to make my first web comic.  I wrote it out and created thumbnails, and have finished my first round of pencils.  Needs more work.  I have a wacom tablet coming and hope to ink it digital soon. The comic is call “Variants”, it involves simulations and copies of a…