New schedule for blog post 

Hey all I’m committing to posting here more. Going to shoot for one blog post a week. I plan on covering topics related to comics and storytelling, and a variety of other topics. 

So as the first post of comics and storytelling here is something from my favorite artist. 

I saw this on Sean Gordon Murphy’s twitter, and enjoy the insight on page design from him. 

Super cool!  The way he leads the eye around the page. Can’t wait for his new Batman book! 

Speaking of which here is my sketch I got from Sean at Awesome Con this year. 

Easily my favorite piece! 

Also for anyone struggling out there finding the time and will to create, please check out the “The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield. It’s help me develop daily writing goals, which I keep adding to. Next up daily word goal of 200 words a day for a novel. 

Thanks and more soon. 

Let’s go make stuff!

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