A day of firsts!

So I a had a day of firsts.

First time tabling at a con! First time being part of a panel! And, my first sale at a con!

Talking with an attendee along with my wife, Emily, who is also Mrs. Maryland US Continental

I joined the great people at Bmore Into Comics for their show at The Windup space in Baltimore, Maryland. This was a really cool space where they host drink and draws and other creative meet-ups.

The show was attended by about 12 talented comics creators from the area with two panel discussions; one on writing about villains that I was on and another on digital vs. traditional drawing. They were both super informative.

Jordan Clark moderated the villains panel discussion with Scott Riechert. We discussed what makes a good villain and discussed many villains in comics and other mediums such as movies. A couple of highlights from that discussion:

Jordan Clark, me and Scott Reichert
  • My favorite villain is Dr. Doom.
  • My favorite scene in Doom toots
  • Villains need to be a little sympathetic so that the reader/audience understands where the villain is coming from.

The panel discussion on digital vs. traditional drawing was interesting. A few of my highlights:

  • Clip Studio Paint is good specifically for comics.
  • You can’t physically brush off eraser bits on a tablet, ha!
  • You can’t control Z or use the lasso tool on a real drawing 🙂
  • Digital can be a timesaver.
  • Jonathan Eaton, Anna Sellhiem and Orlando Caicedo

    Check out John at thisis65films.com Anna at annasellheim.com, and Orlando at ocaicedo.com

    I also learned some lessons for next time, like bring a stand for my comics. I also thought having my iPad to show off my web comics and other work in process would have been a nice addition. But all and all I learned and happy I did it.

    For me, this was all about the experience of tabling at a show, so I was happy when I got my first sale! I had great time and can’t wait to do it again.

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