Inktober into NaNoWriMo

As the calendar changes from October to November, I too am changing. I finished my last sketch for Inktober. I challenge to draw something in ink every day for all 31 days of October. I used the prompts provided at, and since I am big comics fan I did a lot of comics characters, in fact a lot of X-men characters.

I did do some non comic themed ones as well

This was the first time I completed Inktober, after at least one failed attempt. I think I got only 2 days into it, last year.

So now it’s November and I turn my attention to a challenge I have failed at before NaNoWriMo National Write a Novel Month. The Challenge is 50,000 words in one month. So with November having 30 days it breaks down to about 1600 to 1700 words per day.

Day 1 so far so good, I got a little over 1700 words. I outline a bit on the last day of October which I am pretty sure is allowed. My goals is to have it planned out for the day so I can sit down and get the words in.

I hope I can do it this year, as I tried to meet these challenges

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