So as another way to try to get into comics and to make contacts is podcasting.

I co-host a podcast called “Constructing Comics” with my friend Noah Ray (the artist on our books RX-tiction, Life Cycle and Orryx, and Where 4RU (part of the “My Kingdom for a Panel Anthology -coming soon to Kickstarter in April of 2019!)

As we reach the 25th episode, recording this week –  we have done interviews, complete issue review, page breakdowns, comic related movies previews.  I am not going to lie the first couple are rough, but we are getting better.  We now operate off a script and outline which help – not to say um…. too many times, and pause to think about what I should say next.

We have social media relate sites where were share images from stuff we talk about and links to the people we interview.

A lot of times we go in-depth on page design and story telling, which is our unique angle in the comic podcasting world.

It’s been a lot of learning; technical knowhow and getting comfortable in front to the mic, but it’s been a lot of fun, and meeting a lot of great people who just want to make comics as well.

Podcast about comics really got me back into comics.  I listen to a lot.  I also like to listen to podcasting about writing- to try to improve my craft.

If you would like to check out the podcast we have a SoundCloud page:

We are on iTunes


Search for us on twitter, IG and Facebook.

Thanks for checking out the blog, back next Friday with my stories on pitching to anthologies.


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