Pitching to Anthologies

Another way I am hoping to break into comics, is through getting stories in anthologies.  My hope is to get more eyes on my work.  So I search and pitch to anthologies, and it’s been to mixed success.

Like most thing when trying to break into comics, there is a lot of rejection.  It’s part of the process, but never easy to deal with.  And early on I had my fair share.  But lately that has turned around.  I have two stories coming out soon, and building my network has had helped out a lot.

I have a story in the “Why Faith?” Anthology called “Faith and Forever” and a story called “Where 4RU?” in the “My Kingdom for a Panel” Anthology.  These will be coming out soon after crowd funding.  And I can’t wait to be part of them!  “Why Faith?” has a story from a New York Times Bestseller, how cool is that?



I recently heard back that another pitch I had in didn’t make it. But that’s OK, I will either submit it elsewhere, or make it on my own.

Got to keep make comics and trying to break in.

Thanks for reading, back next week with a blog post on video production.


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