So in addition to my podcast I have been experiment with video presentation.  And started a YouTube channel that is a visual component of my podcast “Constructing Comics”.

I really want the unique aspect of my podcast to be page design and story telling.  And with comics be half a visual medium, I thought expanding into video would be the way to go.

It takes a bit more prep, and I am pretty prepared with the podcast already with scripts, outlines, interview templates and slides.  So this helps.

I would like to improve my editing skills, and some music, effects and transitions.

If you would like to check it out please here a link to our Youtube Channel

And here are some of the slides we just to break down a comic page or panel

This is from our show on Batman Issue 67 “All the Way Down” from May of 2019.

Constructing Comics Episode 26 Batman 67

Constructing Comics Episode 26 Batman 67-2

One cool think is once got an article in the great “Panel by Panel” magazine, where I broke down pages from another Batman comic Batman 52, “Cold days” and that had almost the same creative team as the slides above, Tom King and Lee Weeks.  This is very similar work and it allows me to geek-out on comics, page design and story telling.  Hopefully looking at all this stuff allows me to grow as a creator.

Back next time with a blog about my attempt (or attempts) to write a novel.

Thanks for checking out the post.

Hope you enjoy.

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