Conventions and Networking

So another way I am looking to networking and break into comics is attending cons.  I have been going to cons for a while since getting back into comics.  Baltimore Comic Con being the con I went to first.

I am pretty lucky to have a bunch of cons near me; Baltimore, Awesome and Heroes (my favorite) Con.  When I first went to cons, I would spend some much time digging through long boxes, my ideas of possible writing comics where not as fully formed as they are now.  I didn’t really know what was going on so I defaulted to the singular act of looking for back issues.

A few cons under my belt, I started exploring artist alley.  Then talking and getting commissions from artist.  Another thing I then began exploring was panels, and I could learn more about the industry, writing, and the craft of making comics.

The next thing for me at cons was to approach publishers, sometimes just to talk and other times to hand them my comics.  Nothing has come from that yet, but I have to keep going.

Hopefully one day, one of my comics will fall into the write hands and they will pick it up.

Thanks for checking out the blog.

Back next week, with a review of Free Comic Book Day, which I will have a table at for the first time!

Keep making comics.


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