Review of Free Comic Book Day

So recently had another key/cool moment in my comics make career.  I was able to table at Free Comic Book Day.  Which is the first Saturday of May every year.  I had a table with a few others from the Bmore into Comics crew, which I have been lucky enough to join up with the last year or so, it fun to hang out with other that want to make stuff, and great for networking (last post).

When I got there about 15 minutes before the shopped opened, there was a line!  I got in quickly set up, and got ready.  The doors open! People rushed in….

Right past us and to the tables full of free comic books

I mean who can blame them.  But it was a bit disheartening.

We all smiled and said hi as they walked by.  Some even gave our books a glance.  The rush was over, things settled down, and people came over, I made a few sales, gave some pins out.

Things slowed down again, we waited, it seem like it was over, so we packed up and all went home.

It was fun, a little disappointing, but hey I have tabled at Free Comic Book Day, and hope to do it again.

Thanks for checking out the blog

Back news week with “Project Management” when make comics!

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