Drawing/Creating an Image Every Day of the Year.

A while ago, I did a post about by daily habits, where I write every day. I just finished my comics writing for the day. I still have a goal for my novel (which again I am having a hard time hitting).

But I wanted to work on my artistic skills as well.  I know that writing everyday, has helped me, at least with the formation of ideas, and building stories, and drawing is supposed to be that way too.  I think about Jason Brubaker’s book “Unnatural Talent” where he talks about people coming up to him and saying “Oh you have talent for drawing” and he argues that is not a talent but a skill you hone with practice.  I really hope that is the case.

So on the first day of January 2019 I started drawing at least one picture a day and posting it to my Instagram page

My Instagram Page

While the goal was to draw something every day, that changed some time into the process.  I would often be unhappy with my drawing, so I would look for pencils to ink.  It was fun and informative to ink others work.  I would try to learn a new tool in Procreate my digital drawing app of choice right now.

So as of today (I still need to do todays but) I have down it for 139 days in a row.  And I think I am going to continue for a long time.  Who knows maybe I will develop my art enough to the point I can draw some of my own comics.

Here are some samples of my daily creations/drawings some better than others, but that is true of my daily writing, so days the ideas flow and are better than others.


Thanks for checking out the blog.

Back next week with learning doing other stuff exercising or working the old day job.

Check make comics, drawing.



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