Learning/Creating While Doing

I am always trying to learn things about writing, making comics, the comic industry and creativity.  One way to do this is listening to either a podcast or an audiobook.  A good podcast gets me through a lot of work days.  I found that I can be doing work, some part of my mind can still be engaged with the information being told on the podcast.

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Another thing I like to do is listen to a podcast/audiobook while running.  This allows me to do two things at once, get some exercise and learn at the same time.  Some times my head isn’t in the right mindset for a podcast, or I can’t find one I am excited for at that moment, so I like to listen to instrumental music (indie rock).  While running and listen to this instrumental work (lyrics distracted me) and I get ideas.

And some times the ideas are so good, that I have to stop (pausing my workout) and make note/start a document or email myself, so I don’t forget it.

blog photo 2 learning-creating while doing

Getting out and doing something, can also be a good way to break a story, or fix a plot point you are stuck on.  Again often while out running, I get and idea that pops into my head, I am pretty sure this wouldn’t be the case if I was sitting at my computer watching that blinking curser.

Here are some of my favor podcast about comics and writing:

  • The Comic Book Workshop
  • Comic Lab
  • Make Comics
  • ComixLaunch
  • Constructing Comics (cheap plug)
  • Lean into Art
  • Gutter Talk
  • Off Panel
  • The Story Studio

And are a lot more….

Audiobooks, that I really like are:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury!!!!
  • Room to Dream by David Lynch!!!!!
  • Unnatural Talent by Jason Brubaker
  • and anything by Steven Pressfield.

Thanks for checking out the blog.  Back next week with a post about getting review copies from a publisher!









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