Review Copies

Recently was able to book and interview with Anthony Cleveland creator of “Show’s End” coming out from Mad Cave Studios for my podcast “Constructing Comics”.  The interview was set up by Mad Caves’s publicists Chris Sanchez.

I had the interview and did some follow ups, and thank everyone for being on.  I got a email from Chris, asking if I wanted to be put on an email list for preview and review copies.  Of course I do! Free Comics, sign me up!

review copies blog post stock photo

I hope to review some of these comics as a thank you to Mad Cave and Chris. But to the point of trying to break it – I have a contact, and I can see what time of books they are producing, and maybe work on a pitch for one of their existing properties, or I can pitch something new.

Hopefully this is some good networking, that I can uses in my future attempts at making comics.

Not sure if I will get a blog post up next Friday, as I will be at Heroes Con!

But my next one in at least two weeks will be on looking for and submitting to Talent Searches

Thanks for checking on the blog, keep making comics!



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