Writing for other People Properties…

You down with writing other peoples properties?  Well you know me, and I will try just about any venue to get into comics, and I have tried this as well.



I had the chance to try to pitch to a fellow creators series.  And man did I go all out.  I had a 30 page fully developed series,  with character sketches, design sketches for the world.  I researched and read up on the property.  I was very excited for this chance.  I took it very serious.

Submitted….and I didn’t hear anything back, the creator was running a kickstarter at the time, so I waited till that kickstarter was, then a little longer.  Nothing back. So after sometime I reached out, hoping for good news. No good news.  They didn’t accepted the pitch.

So rejections is supposed to be part of this process.  But it’s never easy.  Trying to be positive about this…  I think this one of my more fully developed stories, and learned a lot by doing it.

Also, I still have this story sitting in reserve.  I can easily remove all reference to the other series and make this a stand alone story with my characters and my world.

So another thing I do is daily pitches.  At this point I have over 630.  This is two fold, it’s a brainstorming activity, and helps me get started on being creative for the day.  But the real dream is if I am every able to pitch a publisher I am ready and can impress them with my preparedness.

Thanks for checking out the blog.

Back next week with taking chances and submitting to major publishers (hint it starts with the letter “I”)

Keep Making comics.

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