Submitting a Pitch

So I went and did it I submitted a pitch.  Well two actually!  I submitted my comic Digital Forever, that I kickstarted about 2 years ago.  And I took a big chance and went to top indie publisher, Image!

I updated my pitch document and cover letter and sent it off.  So according to Image’s website if you don’t hear anything back in 30 you can consider it rejected.  So I am currently, as I write this post in that waiting period.

I then submitted my second kickstarted comic “Multi-Larceny” to another publisher.  Now this publisher I have spoked to at cons, and have some networking with people in the company and writers for that company as well.  In addition, I have done two courses for online comics course that has an affiliation with this publisher.

I am mix of excitement as this could be big for me, and nerves as I wait for news.  But I will keep going; submitting other places and creating other projects to pitch.

Thanks checking out the blog.

Back next week with creating a Meet Up Group for indie Comics Creators.

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