Sitting down and Drawing

So this week I really hoped to sit down and do a lot a drawing, and that didn’t really happen.  I did a daily piece of art for my instagram 

So of these better than others, some original, some heavily photo referenced, but there was one each day.

But what didn’t happen is I didn’t plant my self in the seat in front of my drawing table. Nice Bristol Boards in position, scripts set next to them and pencils and pens ready to go! But I didn’t do it.

My blog post go up on Fridays, so late Thursday night I did this (I wanted to have at least something) -page on panel one of a mini comic I want to do, it’s kind of humor comic, about 6 pages.  I would be great to have to hand out a Small Press Expo (SPX) which has that DYI make comics vibe to it.

So here is what I did

Sitting down and drawing post art

It’s one panel, but it’s a start.  One panel a day?  That would be good.  I write every day, why can’t I do a panel everyday.  Part of it is I am never really happy with what I draw.  I see finished work by pros, like Sean Gordon Murphy and Jim Lee, and then there is my stuff.  The images in my head, my hand can’t produce.

I need to keep going, my writing has gotten easier, so maybe the same dedication to drawing after some time I can see some improvement.

Well thanks for checking out the blog.

Back next week with some thoughts and take aways from joining a mastermind.

Thanks again

Keep making Comics!

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