Joining a Mastermind

As sort of way to motivate myself I signed up for a mastermind.  I joined the Comixlaunch Mastermind.  I have been an activate member of the Comixlaunch group for a while.  I have taken both the Comixlaunch Pro, and the ListLaunch (more on this later).

master mind post

This group has been great for networking and funding my previous two kickstarters, but what I need was to be pushed out of my comfort zone, and I need to get my motivation ramped up by being around others who were making cool comics.

It’s six months long and we have had our first online meeting.  It was great seeing familiar faces and new ones.  We shared wins (mine was cool, I have my first paying gig as a writer, small but it’s a first step) we did intro’s and set goals.  My goals is to hit the launch button on my kickstarter in 90 days, on my comic “The Reset”.  So I am working on the set up of the page and small things like images for the kickstarter page, and animations for our video.

I am both excited and nervous, that 30 (maybe 31) days of a kickstarter, is never racking. I would like do better and have a higher funding goal.

We shared resources, and did a “hot seat”.  This is where someone brings a topic and we break it apart.  I have to admit, I am not looking forward to my time in the hot seat.  I have an idea of what I want to cover, but still I don’t really like being the main focus of a group of people.

Oh well, part of pushing myself right.

I think if you can find a group of creators to help, and encourage each other it would be a great resources for any creator, and I think I have it here.

Thanks for checking out the blog.  I hope you find your group, to help you make comics!

Side note I am about to send my first email newsletter, I have been really dragging my feet on this, but this group pushed me to do it!

So back soon with a blog post on my attempted at 24 hour comic book day which I am going to try in a few days.


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