So I know I said last time I was going to talk about 24 hour comic day, but I didn’t do it.

Instead, I am going to talk about interviews, and conducting interviews.  My podcast has turned out to be a good mix of general comic talk with my co-host Noah, and interviews with other comics creators.


And interviews have been great for a number of reasons, it is great to connect with other liked minded people who like making stuff.  Often the people I am interviewing are kickstarting a project, so hopefully I can get some eyes (and ears) on their projects!  But also I learn process from the interviewees.

A lot of time Noah and I do the interviews together, but some time I am doing these interviews solo.  I have to admit these make me nervous.  Will I have enough to say? Will I be able to keep the interview on track? And for the most part they go well.

Case in point my interview with Clay Adams of Fried Comic  who comics creator, actor and voice actor.  Clay is running a kickstarter for PBOW check it out! But in addition to  the kickstarter we talked a lot of process, networking and other skills (acting/improve) that could help your writing or creating in general.

I feel like this was one of the better interviews on the podcast, it helps Clay is a pro on the mic.

If you want to check it out please do

Constructing Comics Ep 45

Thanks for checking out the blog, back next week, not sure of my topic yet.

Go out and make stuff!


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