Stay Creative while on Vacation

So I really didn’t have a topic when I finished my last post.  So I just came up with a topic, stay creative while on vacation.beach-2179183_960_720

I was able to do so, thanks to my phone, tablet and laptop.  I hit all of my daily goals.  Travel days made it a bit difficult with all those hours in the car.  My trip to vacation I did my writing and drawing later than normal, and that art was a struggle.

The trip back I got up early before a workout, and wrote, but the art was still need to get done when I got home after a long day.  But I did it, not my best piece of art, but art (i guess).

The one issue I had was a bit on the business side.  I got a some good news, but didn’t have access to a printer.  I check if it could wait till I got back and it could, so that was good.  I guess I could have found a place with a printer and got it done if needed.

All and all it was good to get away and still work on my comics.

Thanks for checking out the blog.  I will be back next week with a post on looking for editing help.

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