Review of Ogres by Bob Salley and Shawn Daley

I was lucky to be provide a review copy of “Ogres” by Bob Salley and Shawn Daley from Source Point Press. “Ogres” will be available for pre order starting September 1, with the issues 2 to 4 releasing in between October and December of 2019!

“Ogres” is a continuation of the story from Ogre a three issue series by the same creative team.

Ogres 1 Cover

Ogres Issue 1 (of 4) builds on the world and the mythology surrounding it.  As the age of man is upon the world, things are changing. Man and Ogres are mixing and figure out their places in this new time.

Tugho (a ogre) befalls tragedy in his village.

ogres credits page

Cron, Meika and Tugho (a group of Ogres) set out and meet up with a mysterious man.  Action and adventure follows, with our 3 ogres in a tough spot at the end of issue 1!

Be sure to give it a look and order your copies!

Source Point Press has been making some really hot titles of late, and I am sure Ogres will be part of that line of great books.

ogres panel

Thanks for checking the blog and my review of this awesome looking comic!

Keep making comics everyone!

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