Hot Seats

So I am 3 month’s into my 6 month Mastermind with the great folks at Comixlaunch.  And I have been on two hot seats.

hot seat post art

I am not normally a guy who likes to be in the spotlight.  I am kind of an introverted.  But these hot seats are forcing me to be in that spotlight.

My first hot seat was on staying productive through the day.  I am big on goals and planning, but I am finding my will power is greater in the mornings.  By mid-afternoon it’s close to gone and by evening, forget it, it’s is gone! My big take aways from this is I have to accept this or shift my focus to other things.  Maybe reading or watching Netflix is ok, plus I can think of it as “research”.  Hey I am working here, binge watching this show!

My second was on the comparison trap I had fallen into.  I have try to model a possible career in comics, after two guys, I felt I had a lot in common with we are about the same age and backgrounds. But on the flip side these two guys are now pretty successful in comics, me still working my way (if not struggling)  It was good discussion, and it made me feel that I might be closer than I thought.

I came out of this hot seat with some solid advice and plans for a pitch I am working on.

Thanks for checking out the blog, If you can find a mastermind or a group to talk things out I strongly suggest it.

I will be back with a post about learning more about storytelling, a lot of this is coming from my class with Comics Experience “Writing the Perfect One-shot” thinks like logic, subtext, and pacing.

Go out and make comics!



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