Using Different Panels for Contrast

Continuing my class with Comics Experience we had a more of an art focused session, as a writing course you might feel that this was a bit strange.  But it was two fold, one to allow us as writers a better understanding of the terms, so we can communicate what we hope to tell with our scripts, as they are turned into art on the page, and to get us in the habit of thinking about what types of panel we might want to use.

Blog Post Contrast in Panels Hawkeye-p1_12

Here is a great example inset panels here from Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja 

I tend to be a sparse writer when it comes to panel actions/descriptions.  I put the charters in the room, with a small about of detail about the environment, and have them talk to each other. Once in a while I do have a camera angle in mind and I will suggest it.  But for the most part I am please and very lucky that the artist I work with get what I am try to say with my scripts. And I think it makes them feel more involved in the creative process.

One thing, that I got is a developing desire to use (and maybe too much) is inset panels.  Inset panels are smaller panels set inside a larger panels.  I like them because they can be used for very quick beats and move the action a bit without taking up major real estate on your comics page.

Another thing I am working on is contrast in shots: Wide Shots, Medium Shots and Close Ups.  I think it is good to move the “camera” so that it’s not always the same angle or distance.  It adds to the illusion of movement on the comics page.

Also I am now trying to call out the major panel of each page, the one I want the main focus on, or to have the readers eye rest one.

Hopefully these new tools (or a greater understanding of panels) will help me increase my skills as a writer.

Thanks for checking out the blog.

Back next week with writing dialogue.

Go out and make some comics, with contrast in the panels!

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