Writing Dialogue

My Comics Experience course on writing a one shot is nearly at it’s last session.  Our assignment is to add dialogue to our 20 page stories.  I have most of it done, but I few pages to go.  And I planing on doing a lot editing (another thing I need to improve on,  I love creating and working on a new idea, but going back and reworking an old story not my favorite).

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I am working improving my character development with my dialogue. I often only have one person speak in a panel and one balloon.  So with this script I am working in having it be more conversational.

Also I am working on subtext, trying to get the characters to say things, not directly but to imply what they are thinking/feeling, or to influences other characters in the story.

Writing dialogue in comics is difficult in part, in that people in comics don’t talk like people do in the real world, but you want it to sound as close to the way people talk in the real world.

So my story should be done soon.  I will have to think about what I want to do next.  Do I have enough to publish it/crowdfund it?

Thanks for checking out the blog.

I will be back next week with a blog about my news project going to Kickstarter “The Reset” I am going to talk about the ups and downs of that crazy time period when running a kickstarter!





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