The Ups and Downs of Running a Kickstarter

5 day’s ago I launched my 3rd Kickstarter for “The Reset”

Reset Logo Red BG

There is excitement of the launch and the joy of that notification you have a new backer.

But there is also the dread and panic when it seems to stall out.

I am going to be a little honest here in this post, I am over thinking things, 5 days in and closing in on 25 percent funding, pretty good,  but Kickstarter campaigns will mess with you.

Somethings I am trying to not get worked up about,

  • People I have back kickstarter for, that haven’t come on board mine yet.
  • People who click “no” to an online Facebook Event??? It’s online?? Maybe just a interested?
  • People who I reach out to cross promote that don’t seem in to it.  I am trying to help you as well?

I know this seems crazy and petty, and I am sorry, so I need to take some time to reframe some of these.

  • There is still 26 days for people to back
  • Maybe they don’t understand it’s online – The Facebook event
  • Maybe the people I reached out to cross promote are just as wrapped up in their kickstarters as I am.

Just typing that made me feel a little better.  Now back to refreshing my kickstarter every 30 seconds. Ha!

Oh what is that you want the link! Well here it is!

The Reset 

Thanks for checking out the blog, I will be back with a week two recap of the kickstarter!

Make comics, (and if you want to deal with the ups and downs of running a kickstarter) Launch those comics!






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