First Time Being a Guest on a Podcast!

So I was on the Spoiler Country Podcast, as an interviewee.  That was a first, we have over sixty episodes of the Constructing Comics Podcast, and I have either been the interviewer or co-hosting.  This was the first time being on the spot and having to keep the conversation flowing.  I was pretty nervous, I am nervous every time we start on our podcast, I worry I don’t have anything to say,  but once we get going it seems to get better.



I really enjoyed this interview, and once we got going I felt great.  We talked making comics, finding a balance in creativity with working and family, and of course The Reset Kickstarter. 

In Kickstarter news we are into week two and things are going well.  I had a good day (really late afternoon) yesterday, so that was helpful.  Currently I am at 33% funded with over 60 backers, so I looks like I am on track (fingers crossed).

I am going Baltimore Comic Con tomorrow so I hope to maybe pass out some flyers to help the kickstarter.

I will be back next week with a blog about my experience at Baltimore Comic Con and my attempts to network/pitch.

Make Comics (and then get interviewed about making those comics!)

Thanks for checking out the blog.



One response to “First Time Being a Guest on a Podcast!”

  1. Thanks for being on the show! We certainly loved having you on and hope to have you back for a hang out when Kenric and I can schedule it all together!

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