Baltimore Comic Con Kickstarter Ups and Downs

Hey Everyone,

So last weekend was Baltimore Comic Con,  I think this is my 5th year, but this year was a step up in my networking, pitching, getting feedback (oh and buying a ton of cool artwork.)

The great Klaus Janson at the Visual Storytelling Panel

I was able to hand out two samples of ashcans of my two kickstarters, Digital Forever and Multi-Larceny.   One was to the a publisher, (fingers crossed) and one was to a comics pro that is going to look over and give me some feedback.  All pretty cool and exciting (not to mention never-racking)!

A was able to attend two panels, one on “breaking into comics” and one on “visual storytelling”.  This where great, tons of advice and motivation!

So a funny story, is the panel of visual storytelling had the great Klaus Janson on it.  The panel was run by Andy Schmidt of Comics Experience and I have taken a few classes with Andy, and one point he mentioned by me by name.  I think at this point Mr. Janson heard him, and most have made note of my name.  So the panel is over and I go down with a book for Mr. Janson to sign.

I am waiting for him to settle in and hand him my book.  He looks up at me and says “Oh hey Matt”. So now I am dumbfounded and I mutter back “Oh hi…. (and I am thinking what do I do)… Mr. Janson.”  I can’t call the man who inked (if not more) Dark Knight by his first name.

I told Andy later about this and we chuckled, I guess Andy has the same problem as I do, and he worked as his editor.

So of the great creators I meet were Greg Pak, Jamal Igle, Vito Delsante and Mike Perkins!  A great time.

I was able to buy some cool art, get books sign, and almost made it in to the Ringo Awards.  It was a great weekend and made me excited to make more comics.

So the Kickstarter, as of this post I just hit the 50 percent funding with about 12 days to go.  So it’s going to be close.  I need to hustle and push it here in this last couple of days.

If you want to check it out and share it that would be great.

The Reset 

Its a story of a world ending event, time travel, corporate espionage and revenge!

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Next post I will recap the last few manic days of the kickstarter.

Everyone go out and make some comics and art!




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