The End of a Kickstarter, a moment to relax, then back to making comics!

So today is the first day in 31 days I don’t have to look at funding, or work to get funding for our kickstarter.  It’s a moment to relax, but not to stop, making comics for me never stops.


I was able to hit my funding goal a day before the kickstarter closed.  And that was a relief, but more backers came in to push me a bit over my goal, the rush at the end was something I was counting on, but you worry, when will it come? will it be enough?  and what if people start cancelling pledges?  Thankfully it came and it was more then enough.

I still need to take a moment and think over a 150 people want to get a comic created by our team!

Running a kickstarter is a crazy time, you are consumed by it.  You worry, you overthink things, and I have to admit you take things personal at times.  You have high hopes, you launch backers come in, then things slow down the dreaded “dead zone”, you worry are people seeing this, is it going to make it.  It’s tough,  I need to make a plan deal with this next time, for my sanity and the sanity of those close to me.

This is my third kickstarter, and it was close to the same funding goal, I got a close to the same amount of backers as my second launch.  This seems like my range right now, but hopefully more time networking, sharing, get more work out there, will help me go for higher goals, but that is a scare idea.

But the work doesn’t end for us.  The team must keep working to finish the comic.  My next goal is to hit our deadline, because I have been late on my last two kickstarters.  I really want to meet this deadline (if not beat it by a few weeks). I think this is the next big step for me, to show how dedicated and serious about this I and the team is.

I am really kind of acting like the project manager now collecting files, getting people to complete their tasks. Not as fun as creating something, but part of making comics and I have learned a lot during the last two kickstarters.  Things like file sizes, edits, book design.  Hopefully all things that will continue to make me a better creator.  I think it is good to be well rounded and making these comics via kickstarters is a good way to figure out how to make a comic from beginning to end.

Thanks for checking out the blog.  Back next week with a post about working with the team, managing the team, and maybe a little about not getting feelings hurt, when making this comic.

Everyone go out there an make some comics/art/stuff.  Be creative!





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