Artist Outings

So a few years ago, I read “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creative” by Julia Cameron.  It was one of the many books I have read and try to take bits and pieces of, to improve my art and creativity.


One thing I have been focusing on more is the “artist outings”.  I am pretty lucky in that my work is located near many museums, and one of my favorites is The National Portrait Gallery.  It’s not located on the mall with the other museums, so it’s not as crowded as others.

I like to zip over there during my lunch, and walk around.  I will take in different parts, of the gallery, revisit some of my favorites, and look at the new additions.

I have also been to the National Gallery of Art a few times, but I don’t go as often as the Portrait Gallery.  Up next problem is a visit to the National History Museum, ton of cool things to look at there (and maybe find a story idea!).

I think it’s important to get out, in this case away from my desk, reports and spreadsheets, and look at art to recharge and spark your on creativity.

I am hoping to add some more places to my rotation, and get bold enough to maybe take a pad and pencil and sketch out some art, maybe from a statue, or a painting.

Seeing others make stuff, will only help you make your own stuff.

With this post, I am thinking that for the next couple of post I am going to keep pulling more helpful items from books to spark creativity.

Thanks for checking out the blog. Go out look at some art, then make some art!












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