The End of a Kickstarter, a moment to relax, then back to making comics!

So today is the first day in 31 days I don’t have to look at funding, or work to get funding for our kickstarter.  It’s a moment to relax, but not to stop, making comics for me never stops. I was able to hit my funding goal a day before the kickstarter closed.  And thatContinue reading “The End of a Kickstarter, a moment to relax, then back to making comics!”

The Last Few Crazy Days of Running a Kickstarter!

So I am in my last few days of my kickstarter, hang on one second I need to refresh my kickstarter page. (Joking)  I feel like I survived the dead zone in the middle, and things are picking up.  I am closing in on 75 percent funded and 130 backers. And feeling pretty good, thisContinue reading “The Last Few Crazy Days of Running a Kickstarter!”

Baltimore Comic Con Kickstarter Ups and Downs

Hey Everyone, So last weekend was Baltimore Comic Con,  I think this is my 5th year, but this year was a step up in my networking, pitching, getting feedback (oh and buying a ton of cool artwork.) I was able to hand out two samples of ashcans of my two kickstarters, Digital Forever and Multi-Larceny.Continue reading “Baltimore Comic Con Kickstarter Ups and Downs”

First Time Being a Guest on a Podcast!

So I was on the Spoiler Country Podcast, as an interviewee.  That was a first, we have over sixty episodes of the Constructing Comics Podcast, and I have either been the interviewer or co-hosting.  This was the first time being on the spot and having to keep the conversation flowing.  I was pretty nervous, IContinue reading “First Time Being a Guest on a Podcast!”

The Ups and Downs of Running a Kickstarter

5 day’s ago I launched my 3rd Kickstarter for “The Reset” There is excitement of the launch and the joy of that notification you have a new backer. But there is also the dread and panic when it seems to stall out. I am going to be a little honest here in this post, IContinue reading “The Ups and Downs of Running a Kickstarter”