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  • forevercomics

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  • Watchmen Review

  • Episode 125 of Constructing Comics Strange Adventures Issue 2 and Wonder Woman Dead Earth Issue 3

  • Pitching (or trying to.)

    So over the last couple of months I have been workin a pitch. It’s nearly ready to go.  But one thing is holding me back, myself. The art is done, the lettering is done an the coloring nearly done.  What is not done is the pitch document.  It’s nearly done, but I can’t seem to […]

  • On Writing

    So to continue my pulling tips from my favorite books on creativity I am going to look back on “On Writing” by Stephen King.  One of my favorites.  I have read most of Mr. King’s books (certainly those in the last 20 years), and I have gone back to some of the older classics.  I […]

  • Artist Outings

    So a few years ago, I read “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creative” by Julia Cameron.  It was one of the many books I have read and try to take bits and pieces of, to improve my art and creativity. One thing I have been focusing on more is the “artist outings”. […]

  • The End of a Kickstarter, a moment to relax, then back to making comics!

    So today is the first day in 31 days I don’t have to look at funding, or work to get funding for our kickstarter.  It’s a moment to relax, but not to stop, making comics for me never stops. I was able to hit my funding goal a day before the kickstarter closed.  And that […]

  • The Last Few Crazy Days of Running a Kickstarter!

    So I am in my last few days of my kickstarter, hang on one second I need to refresh my kickstarter page. (Joking)  I feel like I survived the dead zone in the middle, and things are picking up.  I am closing in on 75 percent funded and 130 backers. And feeling pretty good, this […]

  • Baltimore Comic Con Kickstarter Ups and Downs

    Hey Everyone, So last weekend was Baltimore Comic Con,  I think this is my 5th year, but this year was a step up in my networking, pitching, getting feedback (oh and buying a ton of cool artwork.) I was able to hand out two samples of ashcans of my two kickstarters, Digital Forever and Multi-Larceny. […]

  • First Time Being a Guest on a Podcast!

    So I was on the Spoiler Country Podcast, as an interviewee.  That was a first, we have over sixty episodes of the Constructing Comics Podcast, and I have either been the interviewer or co-hosting.  This was the first time being on the spot and having to keep the conversation flowing.  I was pretty nervous, I […]

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