• Webcomic RX-tinction 

  • Latest listen 

    So over the last two mornings I listen to this audio book. It was a cool listen and motivating. Need to keep learning and developing.  Thanks  Matt

  • Moving to Individual Notebooks for Daily Writing Goals 

    So each day this year (2017) I have written at least one page for a comic. Then recently I added a daily brainstorming session and creating a pitch for existing characters. I had been doing this all in one notebook. Now I have move to individual notebooks for each daily writing activity.  The dream is […]

  • Today I got art from a story I wrote 

    New experience for me today, I got original art page from a story I wrote and Bora Orcal did the art.  It’s was for an anthology, but I didn’t get in. So in a change of plans we are turning single issue we plan on Kickstartering soon.  Very cool to get to hold art from […]

  • Sometimes Truty is Stranger than Fiction 

    Today I was on a roll with a new story idea. I got 4 pages done this morning. I have a days consecutively writing streak I started one January 1st, 2017. Most days I get one to keep it alive. Today the pages were following.  I can’t wait to share them with the artist, then […]

  • Relistening of audiobooks 

    The last couple of days I have decided to go back and listen to a few of my old audiobooks. I’m doing this for two reasons; to refresh the information in my head, and to motivate myself.  First book I relistened to was The Miracle Morning for Writers. Part of this relistening was it was […]

  • New schedule for blog post 

    Hey all I’m committing to posting here more. Going to shoot for one blog post a week. I plan on covering topics related to comics and storytelling, and a variety of other topics.  So as the first post of comics and storytelling here is something from my favorite artist.  I saw this on Sean Gordon […]

  • Mailing List Sign up

    Please take sign up for my email news letter to get information on all my upcoming projects http://eepurl.com/cvJIvf  

  • Panel Design and story telling 

    These two pages from Black Monday Murder, by Jonathan Hickman writer and Tomm Coker on art, are excellently crafted. Each panel alternates between an interrogating and someone nearby harming themselves (you have to read it to find out). But these two pages have a flow; one beat dialogue, next beat the harm being inflicted. The […]

  • Cover image for Digital Forever issue 1

    Kevin Zimmerman an artist I am working on another comic with create this image for the cover of digital forever issue #1.